How Long Does It Take?

Own your electricity, start saving, and protect the environment within 40–60 days from start to finish!


Every solar system is customized to the specific needs of a home. We start by determining the amount of clean electricity needed by your household. A good indicator is your historic power usage, which we can easily find on your past bills or by calling your utility provider.

Based on your electricity requirements, the location of your house, the size, and the type of your roof, we start composing a system that matches your needs while considering aesthetic considerations. We also research the best available finance options based on your credit qualifications.


Our operations team will schedule a site survey to confirm the draft system configuration and adjust the plan as needed in real-time. We will go over the entire process with you, review approval and financing timelines, and complete the necessary paperwork to get started.

We provide you with the final plan within approximately one week to ten business days from the site visit. Depending on where you live, you may be required to submit this plan to a Home Owners Association for review.


Upon approval, we engage licensed professional installers who pull all necessary building and electrical permits and request the utility interconnection application on your behalf. This may take anywhere from 2–5 weeks. As soon as the permits are in hand, we can schedule the installation, which will be completed in 1–2 days, depending on the size of the system. Final MySolar and official building and electrical inspections usually occur on the same day. Depending on where you live, a Historic Board may request to inspect the installation or to obtain photographs. We have local professional engineers who can evaluate a PE letter on-site. After the completed inspections, the system typically goes online in less than ten days.