About Our Systems


We offer a variety of U.S.-made solar panels, ranging from 305 to 360 Watt in power output. Our systems are customized to match the specific needs and requirements of your home. Location and size of your home, the amount of electricity you need, and the type of roof you have all play a role in deciding which system is right for you. We will design a system, that is high-performance, cost-effective, and most aesthetically pleasing, taking the overall appearance of your house into consideration.

On pitched roofs, we mount the solar panels flush, only between 2–3 inches away from the roof, for a tight fit and clean look. On flat roofs, panels are mounted to a weighted “sled” system. The ballasted flat roof solar mounting hardware does not require any roof penetration. This is especially important to maintain roof warranties, and to avoid future leaking.


Adding a battery to your solar system allows you to control when power is drawn from your system. While this may not be top of mind right now, utility companies are in the process of switching to “Time-of-Use” rates, or “Demand-Charges”. That means that utilities charge higher rates at different times of the year, month or day, depending on overall demand during these period of times. A battery allows you to control when power is drawn from the utility. Our battery-ready systems will save you costs and time when these new utility policies are applied to your area of service.


Inverters convert the electricity generated by the solar panel from direct to alternating current. We use top-quality string inverters with power optimizers to deliver individual panel production and automated service reporting. In case power generation decreases, for example due to a fallen tree branch that caused damage to a panel, component failure, or dirty panels, the system automatically emails an alert notification, making you and MySolar technicians aware of the situation. We respond to these alerts quickly, calling the homeowner, and dispatching help.


We offer a phenomenal 25-year product warranty at no extra charge to our customers. We carefully select the best suited, highest-quality components for every job. Out expert installation teams apply the necessary skills and attention to detail. We stand 100% behind our systems. That’s why we can offer you a 25-year warranty on the entire solar system, including all of its components!